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Western Executive services is a partnership that consists of a group of highly trained and experienced professionals, each group is highly trained in the specific service. Each partner brings a specific service to the group allowing us to cover many areas of expertise. We can help you with many of your personal and business needs In many parts of the United States.

We can handle all your forensic and evidential photographic needs. With expert testimony and processes.  We can get you the evidence that usually only law enforcement has knowledge of retrieving.  While helping you prove your case.


Executive or personal Protection Details

Self Defense / Self Awareness Courses

Firearms Training for the Beginner to the Tactically Advanced

Professional Investigations Services

Types of Services Available

  •           VIP and Executive Protection and Transportation
  •           Anti Terrorist Awareness and Preparedness
  •           Aerial  Support
  •           Private Investigations
  •           Infidelity – Relationships – Know Who You Are Dating
  •           Background Investigation
  •           Audio – Visual Surveillance
  •           Employment Investigations
  •           Loss Prevention Internal Theft
  •           Criminal Case Preparation Security Consultants
  •           Criminal Investigations
  •           Criminal Case Consulting
  •           Expert Witness 
  •           Police Procedures
  •           Internal Investigations
  •           Firearms Training Including CCW Courses
  •           Self Defense and Self Awareness Training
  •           Emergency Preparedness Training
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Firearms and Self Defense Training

Private investigations and Security Division     All of our investigations staff consist of current or retired Law Enforcement Officers from all levels of Law Enforcement.  We have experience in both the Federal and State enforcement levels. We can handle all your investigation needs and backgrounds. We handle many infidelity cases and relationships issues. Our trained staff can assist your company with your security needs. We have highly skilled agents in surveillance and covert investigations. We have years of experience with audio and visual surveillance.

We have successfully recovered several missing and abducted children and have found hundreds of missing adults. We have a excellent history in skip trace and background investigations.

If you are in need of VIP or Executive Protection Service please Contact us


Kids Tuff Programs     Using law enforcement training methods and techniques we have many tried and proven child safety programs. We have taught hundreds of children to be aware and safe. We can custom tailor a program for your school, group or organizations to help keep our kids safe. Please contact us with your specific needs.

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Executive or personal Protection Details